7 sentences with 'organise'

Example sentences and phrases with the word organise and other words derived from it.

« From 1799 to 1802, he defeated Austrian and British forces and secured a peace treaty from both powers, which lasted long enough for him to organise a new grand strategy to conquer not only all of continental Europe, but also (he hoped) Britain. That treaty lasted until late 1805, when a new coalition of Britain, Austria and Russia was formed to oppose him. »
« Instead, Owenism's lasting influence was on the organisation of workers, with Owenites helping to organise a number of influential early trade unions, culminating in the London Working Men's Association in 1836. »
« Blanc argued that it was unrealistic to imagine that groups could somehow spontaneously organise themselves into harmonious, self-sufficient units. »
« Thus, a non-European power could and did defeat the European invaders thanks to the quick thinking of Ethiopian Emperor Menelik II. Nowhere else in Africa did a local ruler organise so successfully to repel the invaders, but if circumstances had been different, they certainly could have done so. »
« US President Woodrow Wilson, hoping to avoid future wars on the scale of World War I and, just as importantly, to present an attractive anti-communist vision for a peaceful world order, helped to organise a new international body: the League of Nations. »
« Dubcek relaxed censorship and allowed workers to organise themselves into soviets (councils) as they had done in the early years of the communist revolution in Russia. These reforms were enthusiastically welcomed by the Czechs and Slovaks. »
« Parents who remember their friends' birthdays and organise get-togethers with them instil the importance of friendship in their children. »
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