6 sentences with 'organisations'

Example sentences and phrases with the word organisations and other words derived from it.

« Women's suffrage movements temporarily suspended their agitation for the vote in favour of using their existing organisations to support the war effort in the name of patriotism. »
« The Nazi party set up youth organisations, workers' and farmers' wings, and women's groups. »
« Part of the impetus for survivor organisations was the rise of Holocaust denial in the 1970s: the hateful, disingenuous and utterly false claim that the Holocaust never happened (Eichmann himself bristled when early deniers in Argentina asked him to corroborate his claims; he was perversely proud of his role in running an efficient system of mass murder). »
« Then, with the help of Soviet "advisors", the communists from Poland to Romania drove out other parties through terror tactics and legal bans on non-communist political organisations. Soon, each of the Eastern European states was officially committed to cooperating with the USSR. »
« To cite only the most prominent examples, the 2002 US invasion of Iraq inadvertently led to a massive increase in recruitment for anti-Western terrorist organisations (many of which were drawn from disaffected EU citizens of Middle Eastern and North African descent). »
« We have spoken of institutions, more specifically of the school institution, and of groups, within the school, but without establishing any difference between the two concepts. It is necessary to specify the extent of these three concepts: groups, organisations and institutions. »
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