7 sentences with 'organisation'

Example sentences and phrases with the word organisation and other words derived from it.

« This simple organisation is due to the fact that viruses are "obligate" parasites, i.e. they cannot reproduce unless they parasitise a cell. »
« With very little education, he nevertheless showed great talent and organisation, and as early as 1893 he built his first automobile. It had two cylinders, which carried it for almost 180 kilometres, after which it was sold for 200 dollars. »
« Somehow, however, a regime eventually emerged that imposed a new form of social organisation and hierarchy, introducing taxation, large-scale construction projects and unpaid labour (i.e. both slavery and forms of indentured labour). »
« In the prosaic politics and social organisation of ancient Egypt, they revolved around the role of the scribes. »
« The Assyrians represented the pinnacle of military power and bureaucratic organisation of all civilisations so far considered. »
« The Assyrians introduced two innovations in military technology and organisation that were of critical importance: a standing cavalry, the first of any state in the world, and a large standing army of trained infantry. »
« The ancient Greeks can be credited with creating forms of political organisation and approaches to learning that were and remain hugely influential. »
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