6 sentences with 'organism'

Example sentences and phrases with the word organism and other words derived from it.

« Later it was found that this medical technique improved the general functioning of the organism and also harmonised the patient emotionally. »
« It is good to know that alcohol and the acetaldehyde generated from it in the organism, in chronic states, damage sexual function, affecting libido and even the production of testosterone, or male hormone; »
« Whatever the exercise chosen, the important thing is not to forget that our organism is like a machine: its worst enemy is inactivity. »
« Anaerobic is an organism capable of living without the presence of oxygen. Some bacteria are anaerobic, while some muscle cells in the body can work anaerobically for a short time. »
« Tissue is the collection of cells in an organism that is specialised to perform a particular function (nerve tissue, muscle tissue). »
« Lavandin is very easy to add to tap water to decontaminate it, without any inconvenience for the organism to ingest it. »
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