6 sentences with 'leads'

Example sentences and phrases with the word leads and other words derived from it.

« The practice of meditation, according to Indian sages, leads man beyond the realms of mental ama, a term that sums up all negative tendencies such as fear, anger, greed, avarice and expels the toxins of disease. »
« Of course, when this brain mechanism fails, it leads to irritability, depression, poor concentration, accidents and illness. »
« Barbiturate overdose leads to unconsciousness and, in extreme cases, death. »
« The practice of any sport inevitably leads to dehydration. It is essential to take this into account in order to ensure a good end to the competition. »
« For example, when illegal logging in the Philippines leads to deforestation, erosion and in turn flash floods, Filipinos die. »
« Perhaps our own need to transcend leads us to convince ourselves of an afterlife, be it through religion, philosophy, metaphysics or parapsychology. »

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