9 sentences with 'leadership'

Example sentences and phrases with the word leadership and other words derived from it.

« What role is the international environmental leadership of the United States to play as its traditional adversaries and allies in Europe gradually become a single force? »
« Under the leadership of their kings, however, the Hebrews drove back the Philistines and eventually defeated them completely. »
« Greek civilisation was not an empire united by a single ruler or government. Instead, it was united by culture rather than a common leadership structure. »
« The Greek polis were understandably concerned by these developments. Under Athens' leadership, they organised themselves into a defensive league to resist Macedonian aggression. »
« Philip II began to agitate for a Greek invasion of Persia under his leadership to "avenge" the Persian invasion of the previous century. »
« Roman expansion began with the leadership of a confederation of allied cities, the Latin League. »
« Under the leadership of a general and politician, Pompey ("the Great"), both Mithridates and the remaining formerly Seleucid independent territories were defeated and incorporated as provinces or puppet states under the control of the Republic. This brought almost the entire Mediterranean region under Roman rule, with only Egypt remaining independent. »
« Gaius Marius combined political savvy with effective military leadership. »
« As the quality of Roman leadership declined and the threats worsened, the results were predictable: Rome lost battles and territory. »

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