7 sentences with 'leaders'

Example sentences and phrases with the word leaders and other words derived from it.

« If the region's leaders choose to overlook that fact, they will do so at their peril. »
« In 1994, a meeting of leaders of the world's most powerful countries was held in Naples. »
« Alexander the Great was one of the most famous and important military leaders in history, a man who began conquering "the world" when he was eighteen years old. »
« Political leaders in ancient Mesopotamia appear to have been chosen by both the priests and the warrior elite, with both classes working closely together in governing the cities. »
« Meanwhile, the early kings were almost certainly war leaders who led their city-states against rival city-states and foreign invaders. »
« The pharaohs of the New Kingdom recruited the leaders of the lands they had conquered as puppet kings, surrounded by Egyptian advisors. »
« Cyrus II continued the practice of finding loyal leaders and treating his conquered enemies fairly, which minimised uprisings against him. »

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