6 sentences with 'leader'

Example sentences and phrases with the word leader and other words derived from it.

« The team leader made some adjustments to the device; I pushed the button, and finally felt relief. »
« Joshua succeeded Moses as leader of the Israelites, whose capture of Jericho constituted their first major victory in the Promised Land. »
« Union leader Walter Reuther and three other men were brutally beaten by gang members hired by Bennett, who put the union members on the run. »
« One hiking group leader commented, "Billy Joe thinks that sharing things is what Boy Scouts always do." »
« The first time a single military leader managed to conquer and unite many of the cities of Mesopotamia was around 2340 BC, when King Sargon the Great, also known as Sargon of Akkad, conquered almost all the major cities of Mesopotamia and forged the world's first true empire, in the process uniting the regions of Akkad and Sumer. »
« According to the Hebrew Bible, with the rise of the New Kingdom the Hebrews were enslaved, with their leader Moses leading them away sometime around 1300 - 1200 BCE. »

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