6 sentences with 'league'

Example sentences and phrases with the word league and other words derived from it.

« Meanwhile, Sparta was the head of a different association, the Peloponnesian League, which was founded before the Persian War as a league of mutual protection of the Greek cities of Corinth, Sparta and Thebes. »
« Under Pericles, there were some 1,500 officials who managed the taxes of the league cities, ran the courts and administrative bodies, and administered the League's activities. »
« Following the invasion, Philip II created a new league of Greek cities under his control and established troops throughout Greece. »
« Many in Parliament thought Charles was in league with the Irish. »
« The Nazis targeted almost every conceivable social group with a specific propaganda campaign and encouraged (or demanded) German citizens to join a specific Nazi league: workers were encouraged to work hard for the good of the state, women were encouraged to produce as many healthy children as possible (and to stay out of the workplace), boys were enrolled in a paramilitary scouting organisation, the Hitler Youth, and girls in the League of German Girls, trained as future mothers and domestic servants. »
« His vision was of a united African league, possibly even a single nation, whose collective power, wealth and influence would ensure that external powers would never again dominate Africans. »
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