6 sentences with 'access'

Example sentences and phrases with the word access and other words derived from it.

« As the wound was in a difficult access point, where the heart and the aorta meet, each surgeon sutured the part he could reach best. »
« It was difficult for blacks to have access to education in Portuguese Angola, but Savimbi managed to get into an otherwise all-white secondary school and graduated at the top of his class in 1958. »
« That wealth was based on access to natural resources. »
« As noted above, only Egypt's unique access to the bounty of the Nile provided enough power to make the construction of the great pyramids possible. »
« Having done this, it is clear that Archaic women enjoyed social influence and some access to economic power, being able to inherit property and receiving social approval for the skilful management of households. »
« In turn, access to political power was explicitly linked to wealth, a system introduced by Augustus himself. »
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