9 sentences with 'ear'

Example sentences and phrases with the word ear and other words derived from it.

« These words went in one ear and out the other. »
« -I'm so proud of you, little buddy! -he said in his ear. »
« The little girl began to pull her left ear, as if in pain. But the doctor found no infection, nor did he detect a fever. He surmised that she might be allergic to some food. »
« She had almost lost her left ear, and as the injuries were more than 15 hours old, they were becoming infected. »
« In the ultrasound band, imperceptible to the human ear, there are battles as subtle and exciting as any contemporary aerial battle. »
« But the interesting phenomenon occurs not in the bat's ear, but in its brain. The brain processes and organises the echoic information so completely that the bat gets an ultrasonic representation of what is in front of it, apparently as imitative of reality as a human visual image. »
« The human ear is not so good. This sense of ours is rabidly deaf to ultrasound, can localise the spatial location of sound sources very crudely and, because it eliminates echoes, ignores silent objects. »
« According to Plato truth can only be apprehended with the mind, not with the eye or the ear, and requires rigorous discussion and contemplation. »
« He would wake up in the middle of the night crying in pain and clutching his ear, and his distraught mother would call the doctor's office. »

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