8 sentences with 'earlier'

Example sentences and phrases with the word earlier and other words derived from it.

« A few days earlier, my internist had telephoned me after my medical examination to notify me that my prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood concentration had risen from 15 to 22 nanograms per milliliter in one year. »
« Twenty-one years earlier, in the summer of 1897, Kipling's wife Carrie bore him their third child. »
« The operation had begun two hours earlier. Doctors Epstein and Wisoff had before them Luis Olmedo, seven years old, with his spinal cord exposed. »
« Dr. Epstein recalled the time, ten years earlier, when he conceived of the possibility of operating on the spinal cord. Tumors in this region are rare in children, but when they occur, they are almost always fatal. »
« Dr. Epstein smiled, remembering that years earlier he had been told of his patient's early efforts to learn to walk again. Newly operated on, the boy could not even lift his head. »
« A few months earlier he had dropped out of school, and hadn't done anything useful again until, a few weeks ago, Semone had offered him a job for the summer at the warehouse. »
« A few hours earlier that May day in 1996, the children's parents, Rolando and Nenita, along with their two older children, had hiked down the winding mountain trails to sell bread and coffee at a party in Alimatok, a village an hour's walk away. »
« A hundred years earlier, his compatriot, the physician William Harvey, had astonished the world's scientists with his work De motu cordis, in which he clearly described the mechanisms of blood circulation. »

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