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Example sentences and phrases with the word earliest and other words derived from it.

« One of the earliest known cases of drunkenness in human history was that of Noah, who after leaving the Ark "turned to tillage and planted a vineyard", whose wine he drank in drunkenness and involuntarily showed himself to be naked. »
« The earliest known writings on Chinese herbal medicine date back to the 16th century. The most important of these is the Treatise on Materia Medica by Li Che-Tchenun, a 14th century pharmacologist. »
« The Assyrian-Babylonian rites of Tammuz and Ishtar - originating before 4,000 BC - are one of the earliest examples of allegories of the death of a god. »
« The earliest agricultural sites emerged in the Fertile Crescent, the region encompassing Egypt along the Nile River, the Near East and Mesopotamia. »
« Firstly, it is clear that the earliest settlements already had important social divisions. »
« The world's earliest surviving literary work, the Mesopotamian story known as The Epic of Gilgamesh, was obsessed with the theme of human mortality. »
« Iron, however, is a useful metal in its own right without the need for alloys (although the earliest forms of steel - carbon-alloyed iron, which is readily available everywhere - existed almost from the beginning of the Iron Age itself). »
« The earliest surviving Greek literature dates from around 800 - 750 BC thanks to the use of this new alphabet (which, in turn, served as the basis for the Roman alphabet and thence for the alphabets used in all European Latin languages, including English). »

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