7 sentences with 'earn'

Example sentences and phrases with the word earn and other words derived from it.

« Most, aged between 20 and 40, earn incomes ranging from $7200 to $32400 a year. They are voracious consumers. »
« "We earn more than our parents, so we spend more," he says. "Compared to my father, for example, I spend a lot more on entertainment." »
« Cindy got into modelling mainly to earn money to pay her way through college, but she was so successful, and so quickly, that her academic dreams were dashed. »
« Women may find it difficult to tell their husbands how much they earn... especially if they have a higher income than he does. »
« We mothers are taught that love and respect must be earned. I know what fathers don't do, and I wonder what they do to earn that respect and love. »
« Hawking had secured a position as a theoretical physicist at Gonville and Caius College, which allowed him to pursue his research and earn a salary. »
« At the end of the interview, the human resources manager asked the recent business graduate how much he wanted to earn if he was hired. »

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