7 sentences with 'far'

Example sentences and phrases with the word far and other words derived from it.

« I knew for a fact that there were tons of people with far more serious problems than mine, and that some of them were probably in the same emergency room, listening to my screams and moans. »
« In his opinion, my rate of recovery is good, and he may not be far wrong. »
« How much more of the tumor had to be removed? Technology has advanced so far that it is now possible to destroy a much larger portion of these masses than in the old days, although the removal of a brain stem tumor is something that not just any doctor would have attempted. »
« That night, an audience of 3,000 people wondered how far the schoolmaster could go. »
« The findings so far are very encouraging, namely that Alzheimer's disease is less common among women who took oestrogen after menopause, and that senile mental deterioration is less severe among elderly women who continue to undergo hormone replacement therapy. »
« The followers of alternative medicines, far from holding rituals, taking miraculous potions or submitting to magical effluvia, believe deeply in the healing capacity of nature. »
« As far as smoking is concerned, the data can scare even the most hardened person: at the very moment of reading this article, many of the 40,000 Argentines who lose their lives each year due to smoking are dying. »

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