10 sentences with 'farm'

Example sentences and phrases with the word farm and other words derived from it.

« The steam engine that had inspired Henry as a boy had been a farm engine ... and a farm engine also induced him to forget Detroit for some time. »
« They spent their honeymoon on a small farm where Henry had lived for the past two years: 16 acres of wooded land, which his father had bought in the 1860s, and which he had never cleared. »
« For two summers he was engaged in repairing farm machinery for the Buckeye Harvesting Company. »
« From the time I was old enough to help out on the farm, I knew what my father expected of me: »
« Dad had some horses on the farm and several dogs that I trained to hunt birds. »
« Also, whole families and even villages migrated in search of new land to farm, generally to the east and north, as noted above. »
« The men ploughed the fields, looked after the large farm animals and did the maintenance and construction. »
« My grandfather was born and raised on a farm. »
« Then we took one last walk through the pastures of her family's farm, feeling the cold chill creep in. »
« Food, which can be contaminated in different ways (birds, insects, water, the hands of growers or farm workers). »

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