7 sentences with 'farming'

Example sentences and phrases with the word farming and other words derived from it.

« Arne Treholt was born in a farming community. »
« Primitive agriculture, the type of farming that made possible later advances in civilisation, consisted of people simply planting seeds by hand or with shovels and picks. »
« Early Mesopotamian civilisation consisted of fairly small farming communities. »
« As a result, there was a great expansion between 1000 and 1300 from the mid-latitudes of Europe northwards and eastwards, as the farming population took advantage of the new technology (and the growing population) to clear and cultivate what had been forest, scrub or swamp. »
« To cite just one example (pointed out by historian Tony Judt), party leaders in the Soviet republic of Kyrgyzstan told farmers to buy grain supplies in shops to meet their annual quotas; those quotas were utterly impossible to meet through actual farming. »
« Cookston, my homeland, is a farming community of 8,000 nestled in a corner of northwestern Minnesota, and it's rare for anything extraordinary to happen there. »
« Large-scale agriculture and the resulting abundance of food allowed people to develop special trades and skills in addition to farming. »

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