6 sentences with 'fared'

Example sentences and phrases with the word fared and other words derived from it.

« How well or badly we do in life is determined not only by our gifts and strength of spirit, but also by our social environment, our relationships, those of our family and, crucially, by how our parents have fared. »
« Less vulnerable to disease, these animals often fared better than humans in their new home, thriving both in the wild and in domestication. »
« Other groups of immigrants from the colony, mostly Germans and Scots-Irish (families from Scotland and England who had first lived in Ireland before moving to British America), fared much better in Pennsylvania. »
« Of course, Africans imported to the colony to work for white masters fared much worse. »
« The British fared badly in the early years of the war. »
« However, General Gates fared no better than General Lincoln; at the Battle of Camden, South Carolina, in August 1780, Cornwallis forced General Gates to retreat to North Carolina. »

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