5 sentences with 'farewell'

Example sentences and phrases with the word farewell and other words derived from it.

« Finally, he bid us farewell with a cordial handshake. »
« At noon on August 15, John bade farewell to his mother and sister with a tip of his officer's cap. »
« "This, then, is not a farewell, as I intend to return to see how my boys are doing." »
« On leaving government in November 1990, Margaret Thatcher, for the first time in 11 and a half years, appeared to falter a little and to be on the verge of tears. However, in her farewell message she was adamant that "John Major has the makings of a great prime minister". »
« When Jefferson was running for president in 1796, an anonymous Southern planter wrote: "If this wild project succeeds, under the auspices of Thomas Jefferson, President of the United States, and three hundred thousand slaves are set free in Virginia, farewell to the security, prosperity, importance, perhaps the very existence of the Southern States". Slave owners and many other Americans protected and defended the institution of slavery. »
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