9 sentences with 'home'

Example sentences and phrases with the word home and other words derived from it.

« How I wish I had been at home at that moment! »
« On the way home I started reading on the train. »
« It was late when I got home. »
« It is also home to an impressive number of reptiles and other life forms. »
« Meanwhile, Kipling campaigned at home for volunteers, and also visited France for the purpose of writing about the war. »
« Judi and Travis took Mike home and made sure he was comfortable. »
« But now a plane is taking me from my home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, to the place where I spent the most terrible weeks of my life. »
« On the last night, the eve of my return home, I sit on the hotel balcony and watch as a tracer shell dims the stars. »
« He always returned home at the appointed time. Often his father would be waiting for him, and the two would chat in the dark, sitting in the rocking chair on the porch. »

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