6 sentences with 'homes'

Example sentences and phrases with the word homes and other words derived from it.

« Dr. Fiattarone began working with elderly people of about 90 years of age in two nursing homes. »
« The walls of most homes are lined with electrical wires, which are convenient channels for lightning to pass through without piercing the roof. »
« The hardest workers of all, however, were probably the legions of domestic servants who worked in the homes of others. »
« The bourgeoisie had certain visible things that defined them as a class, literally "status symbols". They did no manual labour of any kind, and insisted on the highest standards of cleanliness and order in their appearance and their homes. »
« For those who could afford servants to do the work, homes and businesses were regularly scrubbed with caustic soaps, but there was little to be done in the squalor of working class housing and urban slums. »
« In one of the greatest crimes of the war, Turkish forces drove hundreds of thousands of Armenians from their homes across deserts to die of abuse, exhaustion, hunger and thirst when they were not slaughtered on the spot. »
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