6 sentences with 'hometown'

Example sentences and phrases with the word hometown and other words derived from it.

« Most importantly, Herodotus travelled and read sources that served as the basis for his conclusions. He did not simply sit in his hometown and theorise about things; he gathered an enormous amount of information about foreign lands and cultures and examined contemporary accounts of events. »
« In the same year that Heraclius returned the true cross to Jerusalem, the Islamic prophet Muhammad returned to his hometown of Mecca on the Arabian Peninsula with the first army of Muslims. »
« Although there was a great deal of bloodshed among the powerful Renaissance families, their political competition often took the form of an ongoing battle over who could commission the best art and then "give" that art to their hometown, rather than fighting in the streets. »
« He visited his hometown and spent an entire evening discussing the problem with Pat, who reminded him, "We've been through a difficult time together: -We've been through hard times together. And you've always been able to pull yourself together. »
« The most beautiful thing about returning to my hometown was the joy of seeing so many familiar faces. »
« Seven months earlier, she had eloped with her boyfriend, Jay Wild, and left her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, with him. »
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