6 sentences with 'object'

Example sentences and phrases with the word object and other words derived from it.

« One of the most important artefacts of the Ptolemaic era: the Rosetta Stone, the object that enabled the translation of Egyptian hieroglyphs. »
« Not all relics were created equal: the larger the object, or the closer it had been to Christ or the apostles, the more sacred power it was believed to contain. »
« Far more common than legal separation was the practice of men simply abandoning their wives and families when they grew tired of them; this made the institutions of middle-class family life the object of derision by socialists who, like Marx and Engels, pointed out that marriage was nothing more than a property contract that men could choose to abandon at will. »
« The object was surgically removed from the eye, and the little boy healed. »
« Hawking's mother, Isobel, wrote a letter in defence of the writer, her son: "It is the ideas that are difficult, not the language. The book is controversial; many people object to its conclusions in one respect or another, but the work is thought-provoking." »
« The other object of study is why brain performance declines over the years; the theory that 100,000 neurons die every day has never been proven, and is beginning to be viewed with scepticism. On the other hand, there is a growing number of adherents to the postulate of deterioration due to lack of use. »

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