6 sentences with 'objectives'

Example sentences and phrases with the word objectives and other words derived from it.

« The powers that defeated Napoleon had some specific objectives at the conference. They sought to create a lasting conservative order in France itself. They hoped to contain French ambition and avoid the threat of another revolution. »
« Its secondary objectives, the "in the meantime" activities, centred on securing universal manhood suffrage and trying to strengthen the quality of life of the workers. This amounted to an uneasy hybrid of a revolutionary waiting game and a very routine pursuit of legislative gains for workers. »
« Peter the Great launched the first great Russo-Ottoman war and, although he did not achieve all his military objectives, he demonstrated the growing strength of the Russian army by seizing Ottoman territory. »
« He was achieving his objectives when disaster struck: one of the well-behaved prisoners who cleaned the outbuildings came into his office as he did every day and noticed a tape recorder with a long tape running. It was precisely the one that transmitted the soothing music, recorded on a special frequency, to the cells. »
« Learning to understand society, the values and rules of coexistence that govern it, to reflect on the problems that afflict it and to defend a good quality of life for all citizens are central objectives of civic education. »
« This de facto situation has led to attempts at transnational legal organisation. In some cases, these organisations have decidedly economic objectives, such as the NAFTA treaty between Mexico and the US, or MERCOSUR, which involves Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil. »

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