6 sentences with 'objects'

Example sentences and phrases with the word objects and other words derived from it.

« Early gasoline engines were fragile objects. By removing just a few pounds, you could reduce their stress considerably, and that meant they would break down less often. »
« Gestalt (or Form) therapy, which emphasises the perception of objects and phenomena as a whole, and not as a mere sum of independent parts. »
« It is even possible that certain echolocated objects may be perceived a little on the inside, given their relative transparency to sound. There is evidence that a dolphin "sees" the last thing a herdmate ate, because it detects its visceral hollows and measures their degree of repletion. Otherwise, it almost certainly notices clearly that the diver filming it has a platinum thigh prosthesis (metal returns much more of an echo than bone, it is "shinier"). »
« But do not touch radio knobs and other metal objects. The discharge would not necessarily kill you, but it could cause an unpleasant shock. »
« But, objects Dishman, those who exercise have about 25 hours of free time a week, or as many hours as non-exercisers. »
« The men accompanying her arm themselves with various objects, an axe and a motorcycle helmet. »

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