6 sentences with 'objective'

Example sentences and phrases with the word objective and other words derived from it.

« "I always work on the basis of objective data," says Dr. Sangenis, "because each person is an individual organism. »
« That is why the sexual relationship, focused on its physical objective, i.e., mere carnal intercourse, causes such serious problems. »
« There are "benign" ones, when the objective is to play a joke (writing, for example, a message on the screen or displaying an animated figurine). »
« Richelieu's main objective was to improve tax collection. To this end, he abolished three of the six regional assemblies that traditionally had the right to approve tax changes. »
« That said, it would be wrong to claim that the Scientific Revolution triggered a completely objective and recognisably "modern" form of science. What early modern scientists hoped to do was to understand the secrets of the universe. »
« The leaders of the Social Democratic Party of Germany claimed that Marx had been right in all his major analyses, that capitalism would inevitably collapse, and that the party's primary objective was therefore to prepare the working class to rise up and take over in the midst of the coming crisis. »

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