7 sentences with 'performances'

Example sentences and phrases with the word performances and other words derived from it.

« Greek writers began to script these performances, eventually creating what we now recognise as plays. »
« In an act of classical Romanitas, he began work on the famous Colosseum (known at the time as the Flavian Amphitheatre) in Rome to provide a grand stage for public games and performances. »
« In addition, public games and theatrical performances were free of charge, subsidised by the state or by elites who showed off their wealth (the most popular were the circuses: horse races around a track). »
« Paintings, stories and theatrical performances arose having to do with the 'dance of death', a representation of the futility of worldly possessions and status in the face of the inevitability of death. »
« Although there were 18 performances a day, this was not enough to meet the demand. »
« The appearance of the puppets dates from many years ago and, in its beginnings it was a spectacle that was also dedicated to the adults. Today, the performances are exclusively dedicated to children. »
« The scientist found that, although the class of genes does not change much during an individual's lifetime, different genetic performances can manifest themselves according to the age of the organism. »

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