7 sentences with 'performance'

Example sentences and phrases with the word performance and other words derived from it.

« Thanks to her excellent performance, she was soon promoted. »
« After his performance, Jon received loud applause. »
« In the next round he improved his performance a lot and made it to the finals. »
« Henry Ford's performance was difficult to emulate, and the solution adopted by his son Edsel was to refrain from intervening altogether. »
« To achieve optimal performance in this activity, it is ideal to complement it with other aerobic exercises. »
« What mattered to the Greeks was public performance of excellence, not private virtue or good intentions. »
« Thus, there was a vicious circle of loss of land, loss of revenue and poor military performance that caused Roman power to simply disintegrate over the course of less than a century. Not even the handful of effective emperors and generals in the west during that period could stem the tide of defeat. »

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