10 sentences with 'performed'

Example sentences and phrases with the word performed and other words derived from it.

« He had performed the operation more than 1,600 times. »
« Having performed daredevil stunts in his youth, he had his life on a string because of an accident. »
« The last time Boone had performed such an operation was 16 years earlier, during his residency in San Francisco. »
« Dr. Boone and Dr. Jacinto Orozco, nicknamed "Butch," who was the general practitioner who had performed the hernia operation in which Boone had been an interconsultant, were already dressed and disinfected. »
« A year later she had another hemorrhage, and Dr. Epstein performed another craniotomy, the first of four that were necessary over several years. »
« Since his success with Julian, the surgeon had performed about 200 spinal cord operations; one of them on Luis Olmedo himself, in 1985. But unlike Julian, whose tumor was benign, Luis' was malignant. »
« At first, cures were performed with tree branches or herbs and bamboo sticks, sulfur, reed mats or just moxas (hence the name of this ancient medical discipline, moxibustion). »
« Most of the Scandinavian gymnasts of that time performed exhibitions abroad, with names such as the Sofiaflickorna, the Idlaflickorna, the Malmöflickorna, all of them with elements. The one they worked best was the ball. »
« It is a serious mistake to think that the practice of sports and gymnastics are activities that are performed only as a way to promote personal aesthetics. »
« Ten years later, South African surgeon Christian Barnard performed the first heart transplant in history. »

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