7 sentences with 'perform'

Example sentences and phrases with the word perform and other words derived from it.

« Tissue is the collection of cells in an organism that is specialised to perform a particular function (nerve tissue, muscle tissue). »
« But in 1953 the director of a London musical comedy, The Boy Friend, soon to open in New York, saw her perform in a pantomime at London's Hippodrome Theatre, and offered her a part. »
« I was able to perform feats on horseback that I thought only the most skilled cowboys could accomplish. »
« In the east, they had almost total control over the lives and movements of their serfs, including the requirement that serfs perform long periods of unpaid labour on behalf of their lords. »
« Now the doctor is forced to perform a caesarean section without ever having done it before. I have no choice, you understand. I am the only doctor here. »
« Fortunately, he has seen other surgeons perform caesarean sections in his country, and manages to save both mother and child despite the lack of adequate resources. »
« Then, in the last year of school, Eileen Moran, a much-loved teacher, organised an art show that we students were to direct and perform in. »
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