6 sentences with 'perceive'

Example sentences and phrases with the word perceive and other words derived from it.

« However, IBM's directors did not perceive the rapid pace of this change. »
« Today, I perceive even more clearly that totalitarian decadence must be overcome (and is in the process of being overcome) by the forces of freedom. »
« Although the sound of blood flowing through the vessels of the head and neck is within the range of human hearing, we do not perceive it. Doctors are not sure why. »
« Is it possible for children to perceive the unrepeatable human being who was present at the beginning and who will be present until the end, and who will never be a mother, but will play that peculiar role of father? »
« The human ear can perceive and register sounds ranging from 16 to 17,000 vibrations per second. But beyond this limit, it is not all silence, as there is ultrasound, a frequency that cannot be picked up by our hearing apparatus because these waves have very special characteristics. »
« In Britain, by contrast, we find a state that has not stifled the cultural differences that some call "spontaneous nationalities". The inhabitants of Britain feel that they are citizens of that state, but they do not necessarily perceive or feel it as their "homeland". Their homeland is, if anything, England, Wales or Scotland. »

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