6 sentences with 'perception'

Example sentences and phrases with the word perception and other words derived from it.

« Gestalt (or Form) therapy, which emphasises the perception of objects and phenomena as a whole, and not as a mere sum of independent parts. »
« The idea of the statesman-turned-secret-agent "contains such a ridiculously exaggerated perception of personal position and influence that the court must dismiss the defendant's proffered motives." »
« Here, Filippo Brunelleschi was unquestionably influenced by a medieval Arab thinker, Ibn al-Haytham, whose Book of Optics established theories of light and the perception of sight that described linear perspective. »
« The contemporary North American perception of slave life, that of incredibly difficult but not always lethal working conditions, is largely inaccurate because only a small minority of slaves were ever sent to North America. »
« Efforts are directed towards establishing under what conditions and in what kind of individuals certain substances given in calculated doses can contribute in a current and governable way to opening new doors of mental perception. »
« The chemistry of fear has been the subject of lengthy research. After studying the phenomenon for decades, physiologists and neurologists have established that the change in behaviour or mood that follows the perception of fear is caused by so-called neurotransmitters. »

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