6 sentences with 'perceived'

Example sentences and phrases with the word perceived and other words derived from it.

« My new situation changed the way I perceived work. »
« However, Ford's heart was not always right. There was, likewise, that other facet that Reverend Marquis had perceived . . . as was the case with his anti-Semitism. »
« It is even possible that certain echolocated objects may be perceived a little on the inside, given their relative transparency to sound. There is evidence that a dolphin "sees" the last thing a herdmate ate, because it detects its visceral hollows and measures their degree of repletion. Otherwise, it almost certainly notices clearly that the diver filming it has a platinum thigh prosthesis (metal returns much more of an echo than bone, it is "shinier"). »
« From the depths of his mind an idea was emerging, which at last he perceived as a sudden outbreak. »
« In the ancient world, the land was dominated by mounted warriors who were generally perceived as "barbarians" by the settled peoples of Mesopotamia to the west. »
« Any perceived insult had to be met with retaliation, which meant that there was a lot of bloodshed among the powerful families; »

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