12 sentences with 'percent'

Example sentences and phrases with the word percent and other words derived from it.

« Moreover, he added, there was a 60 percent chance that he would regain spontaneous erections. »
« I had read that when both nerve bands are preserved, 20 percent of men over 50 are impotent; and when only one is saved, it rises to 40 percent. »
« About 80 percent of Europe's millions of migratory waterfowl stop there on their annual journeys to Africa, and when they return. »
« Sales of electronics are up 35 percent a year there, and motor vehicle sales are up 46 percent. »
« Thailand sends about 15 percent of its products to the United States, and Malaysia and Indonesia about 20 percent. »
« Dr. Epstein thought Chris had only a 25 percent chance of survival. But the family felt he had nothing to lose, and gave their OK. »
« I had already destroyed 80 percent of my patient's tumor during the operation. According to my plan, I was going to remove 90 to 95 percent, but I decided to skip that last ten percent. »
« The doctor had removed approximately 80 percent of the boy's cancer in the first operation. It was not possible to remove more, as the tumor had intermingled with the marrow. What was left was treated with radium and chemotherapy, and Luis remained healthy for three years. »
« In the 1980s, many inmates who had served just 13 percent of their sentence, on average, were released weekly onto the streets of Houston. »
« Consequently, in Houston alone, homicides are down 57 percent, and all felonies are down 25 percent, in a five-year span. »
« Of these criminals, only four percent have reoffended within three years. »
« According to health authorities, more than 12 percent of the country's population suffers from serious alcohol-related problems; »
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