8 sentences with 'operated'

Example sentences and phrases with the word operated and other words derived from it.

« -I am going to be operated on November 29," I added. »
« Although that company had always operated in the red, the manager knew it could become profitable. So he devised a solid marketing plan. And within a year, thanks to him, a major division of the company was operating in the black. »
« Three years later, Dr. Epstein operated on him again, and this time too, everything seemed to go smoothly. However, in the recovery room the boy was unable to move. »
« In 1886, Dr. Horsley operated on the brains of ten human beings. In doing so, he overturned the prejudices that existed against this type of surgical intervention. »
« If I had not operated on him, he would certainly not have survived, but that is no consolation for me.... my patient became a quadriplegic. »
« A jackal-headed god, Anubis, operated the scales, while a scribe recorded the verdict. »
« At the beginning of June, Michael's wish to get sick came true: he was operated on for appendicitis. »
« From their ships, the Mycenaeans operated as trading partners and raiders as circumstances dictated; it is clear from archaeological evidence that they traded with Egypt and the Near East (i.e. Lebanon and Palestine), but it is equally clear that they raided and fought both against vulnerable foreign territories and each other. »
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