11 sentences with 'operation'

Example sentences and phrases with the word operation and other words derived from it.

« Bottom line, if I decided to have the operation, I would risk spending the rest of my life with some degree of incontinence and perhaps total impotence. »
« He then asked me where I intended to have the operation. »
« He had performed the operation more than 1,600 times. »
« Three days after the operation he was begging to be allowed to go home; so much so that Boone gave his permission...but with a warning: »
« From then until the end of the operation, which would come six hours later, Dr. Canter would stand in front of a board of digital monitors to watch for any sign that the boy was in danger. »
« He came out of his first operation well, in 1984, and a few weeks after returning home he went skiing in the Alps. »
« I had already destroyed 80 percent of my patient's tumor during the operation. According to my plan, I was going to remove 90 to 95 percent, but I decided to skip that last ten percent. »
« Synchronizing its operation was a difficult art to master, but once it was mastered, all sorts of tricks were available, especially the ability to switch directly from forward to reverse, which made it possible to "rock" the car out of a deep pothole. »
« In January he underwent an operation for a peptic ulcer, and afterwards his office staff had to bring him a series of glasses of milk continuously from the factory cafeteria. »
« In 1929, the German Heinrich Medeu, an outstanding pupil of Dalcroze, opened a sports school in Berlin, which is still in operation today. »
« In the same operation, they drained her lungs and determined the cause of the infection. »
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