10 sentences with 'operating'

Example sentences and phrases with the word operating and other words derived from it.

« When he began operating, Pat Walsh was aghast at the difficulties posed by prostate surgery. »
« Until before I met Dr. Walsh, I was more than satisfied with the idea of Dr. Russo operating on me. »
« Once there, I was asked to lean against the operating table and uncover my back. »
« Let's go into the operating room and into the mind of Dr. Fred Epstein, a neurosurgeon who has dedicated himself to doing what was once considered impossible in medicine. »
« The doors of operating room 11 at New York University Medical Center opened, and the patient entered, on a gurney. »
« In the operating room, Dr. Abbott examined the scans of Chris's head and reviewed the plan to be followed, just as he had done the day before with Epstein. Then, ready to begin, he approached the operating table. »
« In turn, Friedrich Wilhelm oversaw the creation of the first truly efficient state apparatus in Europe, with his tax collection agency (which grew out of the war office) operating literally at twice the efficiency of the French equivalent. »
« Some 800 delegates, elected from all the German states, operating without the official sanction of any of the kings and princes of their homelands, were assembled, and all wanted a chance to speak. »
« Likewise, the first practical applications of chemistry to medicine came with the invention of anaesthesia in the 1840s, allowing for the first time in history the possibility of operating without excruciating agony. »
« At 8 p.m. on December 15, 1995, 12 hours after Chelsey entered the operating room, Lori, Bob and the children saw her appear on a rolling stretcher. »
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