6 sentences with 'operator'

Example sentences and phrases with the word operator and other words derived from it.

« Radio operator Jim Reynolds, an unassuming, smiling young man from California, 26 years old, who had just become engaged to be married. »
« One was received at the library in the home town of a certain Navy radio operator, who had swum a long stretch of dangerous water at night and pulled Rickenbacker and Bartek's raft to a torpedo boat. »
« So did former radio operator Lester Boutte of Metairie, Louisiana. »
« Narkey Terry, a 26-year-old computer operator, was also up early. »
« As a long-distance operator, I often have to make collect calls requested by inmates at a penitentiary. »
« The operator asked her: -Would you like a person-to-person communication? »
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