6 sentences with 'sensed'

Example sentences and phrases with the word sensed and other words derived from it.

« Charles Whitman, until recently a "normal" boy, sensed that something was upsetting him; he confessed as much that spring to a psychiatrist, on whose typewriter he wrote: "I feel fear and violent impulses, and terrible headaches. »
« We sensed a slight whistling of the wind against the fuselage. »
« He sensed that something was wrong, but his approach to remedying it was misguided.... He feared he was getting tired of Judith. »
« Deep inside, the communist intellectuals sensed that the United States represented an alternative to violent revolution, since this country had called into question the great cause to which they had dedicated their lives. »
« As the passengers howled and guffawed, Tharakan suddenly sensed something was wrong. »
« Ancient peoples already sensed that human beings were in the process of achieving things that had never been achieved before, namely the building of great settlements, the creation of new technologies, and the invention of organised religions, and yet they also sensed that the human experience could be filled with misery, despair, and what seemed to be a wholly unjust and arbitrary disaster. »
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