10 sentences with 'sense'

Example sentences and phrases with the word sense and other words derived from it.

« Satiated by a sense of omniscience, brilliant people can become addicted to risk, as happened to former Senator Gary Hart. »
« Belief in survival after death helps to forge a person's sense of responsibility for his or her conduct in "earthly life". If this is coupled with the idea that there is a "post mortem" judgement, the two beliefs appear closely linked in the doctrines of Zoroastrianism, Pharisaic Judaism, Christianity, Islam and also the Osiris cult of the religion of Pharaonic Egypt. »
« One comes out of this process with a sense of rebirth. »
« Distortions of the sense of time, feelings of being partially dissociated from the body, reluctance to return to civilisation, and a sense of being "joined" to the universe also appear in the accounts of "isolation" experiences. »
« The human ear is not so good. This sense of ours is rabidly deaf to ultrasound, can localise the spatial location of sound sources very crudely and, because it eliminates echoes, ignores silent objects. »
« The sense of being in control, according to Anderson, is the litmus test of success. »
« Many studies indicate that the pessimist's sense of helplessness undermines the body's natural defenses, the immune system. »
« Parents can help these triumphs produce a sense of having mastered something, and this breeds optimism. »
« Threatening your partner's sense of emotional security will only have negative effects, and you will not feel good yourself. »
« I loved the smell of her hair and her sense of humor. »
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