6 sentences with 'sending'

Example sentences and phrases with the word sending and other words derived from it.

« The committee restored order in the rebel areas by sending its members on missions with instructions for ruthless repression, again backed by violence. »
« Telegraphs allowed almost instantaneous communication over vast distances, sending a series of electrical impulses through a wire as "long" and "short" signals. »
« Those generals in particular clung to their favourite, old-fashioned tactics, sending cavalry in shining uniforms to their deaths in desperate charges, ordering offensives that were doomed to fail, and calling up all available soldiers in reserve. »
« Then, on 10 May, they attacked the Netherlands, Belgium and France, sending the bulk of their forces through a forest on the Franco-Belgian border that the French mistakenly thought was impassable to an army. »
« The Nazis continued to prioritise the 'Final Solution' even as the war turned against them, sending hundreds of thousands to Auschwitz while the Allies constantly pressed against them in the east and south. »
« Braw answers the phone and talks to some doctors who want to help, and then to Kaleb Hölén, the coordinator, who is in charge of sending the right specialist to each hospital. »

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