6 sentences with 'sensations'

Example sentences and phrases with the word sensations and other words derived from it.

« Well-being and mental clarity: these are the two sensations felt by almost all people who had near-death experiences. One point is absolutely the same: they have all seen a luminous afterlife. »
« For the first time, and with the utmost rigour, science studies the sensations that occur at the edge of death. It is no coincidence, surely, that these conclusions have too many links with theological and philosophical positions developed since the dawn of humanity. »
« Another class of images are phosphenes, luminous sensations in the form of concentric circles, spirals, lattices and other geometries of psychedelic origin that appear in the first moments of the hallucination and that the indigenous people relate to social themes. In this way, the community defines its rules of marriage, procreation and conduct. »
« Spiders are the most cannibalistic animals on the planet, but they only relate to it through the sensations of their legs and the silk web they weave and spin around themselves. »
« Our language is poor at defining olfactory sensations. »
« The relationship between babies - whose ages varied between six months and one year - and their mothers at feeding time was studied and it was discovered that, beyond the project of feeding - feeding is the mother's main objective - the baby had its own objectives: playing, experiencing the sensations of cold and heat, feeling the texture of food, etcetera. »

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