7 sentences with 'sensitive'

Example sentences and phrases with the word sensitive and other words derived from it.

« Prostate cancer affects what seems to be the most sensitive part of any marriage - sexual relations - and before the operation powerful emotions assail one, such as regret, guilt and fear. »
« Because of his traumatic experience, as well as his sensitive nature, he has become the guardian of his younger siblings. »
« I think my grief has also made me more compassionate and sensitive. »
« From early 1986, North was in possession of official scramblers called KL-43s, which are used to encrypt communications of a sensitive nature. »
« Don't shy away from sensitive topics. »
« "One of the wonders of intimacy is the freedom to talk about everything," says marriage counsellor Jan DiSanto. That everything includes the most sensitive issues, such as concerns about a less-than-stellar sex life or family finances. »
« It turns out that beta-3 receptors have the particularity of being more sensitive to noradrenaline than to adrenaline, i.e. they depend on the nervous system. They are therefore especially activated in stressful situations, when there is a high emotional charge. »

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