5 sentences with 'undergoing'

Example sentences and phrases with the word undergoing and other words derived from it.

« There are a few principles that a smoker undergoing cessation treatment should remember the moment he or she is plagued by the habit. Among them: »
« However, a 25-year-old woman, Candida de Sousa Barbosa, after undergoing surgery in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1988, is believed to be the first survivor of the disease. »
« The woman, who is currently undergoing psychological treatment, has thanked Reed for his timely intervention. »
« That said, European society was undergoing significant change, and Marx was right to identify the new professional middle class, the bourgeoisie, as the agents of much of that change. »
« In a study of 254 patients undergoing this operation, 72 percent experienced relief without any impairment of mobility. »
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