6 sentences with 'under'

Example sentences and phrases with the word under and other words derived from it.

« Even in Hong Kong, where the prospect of coming under Chinese rule in 1997 is causing jitters, five percent growth is forecast. »
« There, in the stillness that reigns under the dome of the mosque, my mind flies back to the past, to the six weeks I spent in prison. »
« The victims were buried together under the same gravestone. »
« In one year, gun homicides among those under 25 dropped by 61 percent, and in seven years, thanks to the concerted effort, the number of homicides overall dropped from 152 to 43 a year. Among young people, gun homicides have disappeared. »
« When hiring under the Five Dollar a Day regime began, Ford's personnel office was instructed that only a contagious disease would be sufficient reason to reject applicants. »
« -They sleep all day in caves, burrows or under fallen trees, and come here at night to drink. »
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