6 sentences with 'underdeveloped'

Example sentences and phrases with the word underdeveloped and other words derived from it.

« One idea is that the Soviet state was trapped in impossible circumstances. It was largely cut off from help from the rest of the world until after World War II, and the Bolsheviks inherited control of a backward and economically underdeveloped nation. »
« As a reporter, he travelled extensively in the underdeveloped world, and what he saw affected him deeply. »
« Finally, his idea of founding a bank of doctors for underdeveloped countries took shape, although the problem of financing still had to be solved. »
« For example, in Sweden, doctors often take holidays of up to six weeks and sometimes longer, but because continuity is important in hospitals in underdeveloped countries, Braw has set up a shift system so that volunteers relieve each other. »
« Population growth is one of humanity's most pressing concerns, especially in underdeveloped countries where birth rates are higher and resources are scarce. But how has the world's population been growing? »
« Poor posture, underdeveloped pectoral muscles, the habit - especially in adolescent girls - of leaning the shoulders forward, being excessively thin on a whim, etc., are largely to blame. »
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