5 sentences with 'undergoes'

Example sentences and phrases with the word undergoes and other words derived from it.

« Over a prolonged period of time, the body under blood pressure undergoes changes: the vessel walls thicken, leaving less room for blood flow. As a result, the heart has to work harder to pump, which also increases the thickness of its walls. »
« For the human immune system, the AIDS virus is particularly difficult to fight, because it still undergoes mutations; it "evolves" several thousand times faster than the speed with which our DNA is able to create protections. »
« Eventually, that singularity inside the black hole undergoes a Big Bang and forms another universe, and the whole process repeats indefinitely, producing more and more balloons, each of which is a universe in its own right. »
« No. Brown sugar has more impurities than any other type of sugar. It is an intermediate product in the manufacture of white sugar, which has been exposed to fire more often than white sugar, it is difficult to preserve because it undergoes various fermentations, in short, it is a waste product. »
« In that same 17th century, both flourishing and obscure, the Church condemned Copernicus' work "On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres". The Holy Office's ruling read: "The opinion that the Earth does not occupy the centre of the Universe and undergoes a daily rotation is philosophically false and, at the very least, an erroneous belief. »
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