7 sentences with 'undergo'

Example sentences and phrases with the word undergo and other words derived from it.

« Nevertheless, he wanted me to undergo a biopsy. »
« Unfortunately, I would have to undergo a CT scan, an MRI and a bone x-ray as soon as possible so the doctors could determine if the cancer had spread. »
« Some study participants will undergo standard oestrogen replacement therapy; others will take a placebo, and all will be examined periodically for at least six years to determine which and how many have signs of Alzheimer's disease. »
« In principle, before doing the first movement, it is essential to undergo a thorough medical check-up. Once the results of this examination have been obtained, it will be possible to determine what type of exercise to start with. »
« In older people, it is advisable to undergo a cardiological check-up before starting this sport. »
« It is well known that when certain facts are passed on, they undergo transformations, additions and deformations. The almost supernatural status of the inhabitants of the elusive lost continent of Atlantis is the result of these circumstances, but their memory continues in almost all legends, myths and even in writings. »
« The Jesuits themselves were required to undergo an eleven-year period of training and education before becoming full members, and insisted on the highest quality of rigour and scholarship in their training and in the education they gave to others. »
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