6 sentences with 'greeted'

Example sentences and phrases with the word greeted and other words derived from it.

« Kim Lester, a 15-year-old girl, greeted her boyfriend, Chad Sullivan, 17, at her front door. »
« Twenty-two years had passed since the day when, at the door of her home in Sunnyvale, California, Marina Derryberry smilingly greeted a six-year-old boy with some sheet music under his arm. »
« Each morning, high-ranking nobles greeted the king as he awoke (the king's 'rising', paralleling the sunrise), hand-picked favourites performed tasks such as tying the ribbons on his shoes, and then the procession accompanied him to breakfast. »
« In turn, revolutions occurred, most spectacularly in 1848, which Marx initially greeted with euphoria only to watch in horror as the revolutionary momentum waned and the conservatives regained the initiative. »
« One day, a customer who was having a party at his house greeted me at the door with an unusual request. He gave me 50 pesos more than the cost of the pizzas and said, "I'll give you 25 pesos more than the cost of the pizzas: »
« When she saw her walking toward her, she thought she looked a lot like her daughter Chelsey, but then the girl lifted her face and greeted her with a radiant, natural smile. At that moment Lori knew she would not stop until she could do the same for her daughter. »

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