8 sentences with 'greeting'

Example sentences and phrases with the word greeting and other words derived from it.

« Upon seeing the new arrivals, Dwayne raised a hand in mute greeting. »
« One man, ignoring my greeting, told me he wanted to book a ticket for a certain flight. -Sir, this is a music shop," I explained. The only way we could get it to its destination would be to put it in a tuba case for immediate delivery. »
« I work in a department store, and one day I decided to change the hackneyed greeting to customers, which invariably was: "Hello, how can I help you?" So, when the next shopper introduced herself, I said: "How are you? How are you? »
« Thanks to his friend's moral support, Steve Crawford rebuilt his company, which four years later became a major greeting card producer. »
« Then I remember. I'm not in the city anymore. And if there is one thing that distinguishes urban dwellers from rural dwellers, it is that rural dwellers have the habit of greeting strangers. It is the rural cordiality. »
« A little later, I also start greeting everyone. I take my fingers off the steering wheel a little, and the other driver does the same. Or I put my arm out a little, resting on the window frame, and raise my palm; the other driver responds to my gesture. »
« There's no need to be too obvious or effusive in these things of greeting strangers. Enormous things are said by simply raising the index finger from the car, and a simple nod of the head is eloquent in its sobriety. »
« Well, for $48, you can buy this recycling set for paper, milk cartons and other cardboard and turn them into greeting cards or playing cards for the kids to play with. »

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